Original work by Beatriz Ferreyra


This is an extract. The full piece is 5'02".

The incredible power and tenderness that Ferreyra characteristically brings to sound works are shown here in Brisa a new and unique work derived from a sections of a piece made in 1984. It was commissioned by the now disbanded l'Institut Intérnational de Musique Expérimentale de Bourges (IMEB) - a French institution where she worked for many years.

Brisa opens with an enveloping recording of a stampede of horses, and moves into a wind section with chimes and bell sounds, a musical composition built on the tape manipulations she is best known for. The conjuring of the horses movement, their elegance and collective strength, interplays with the land they roam on.

As she said in an interview: "When we talk, we breathe. This breathing can be a sound like a connection, a joint between two sounds or moments, or as an inspiration, a silence, before continuing the discourse, whether it is with speech or music. I do not have a method for composing. I do not think of anything and the sounds with their colors, their shapes and their dynamics take me by "the hand" and take me where they want."

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