Original work by François K

Cosmic Tides (Photonic Approach)

This is an extract. The full piece is 6'34".

This work employs advanced software to process a multitude of sounds, and sets out at a dangerous pace, nervous and off-kilter, and still chiming with Francois K's signature sound. By blending time signatures and attitudes and instruments, "Cosmic tides" heads down a path of slapping rhythms and incrementally out of time layered beats.

Soon though, the sound tightens up to posit a chaos in which we might be safe to dance. But the path remains unsigned as intended by the artist: "What continues to matter to me is the result, not how I got there. Listeners are free to speculate all they want on how it was done, it only adds to the mystery."

Cosmic Tides is at once a trip, and a nod to audio cybernetic futures "meandering, liquid and adventurous, with a definite psychedelic vibe and a touch of cyberpunk". The allure of the promising character of this work is to follow the sound wherever it leads, for surely it leads into the future.

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