Original work by Fari Bradley

Die Unendlichkeit

This is an extract. The full piece is 5'00".

This work comes from a collaboration with Austrian percussionist, drummer and sound artist, Andi Stecher. Both live and work in Berlin but also regularly work in central and south Africa and experiment with electronics and acoustic soundscapes.

This piece is, in the words of the artist ‘a musical attempt to blend two different realities and to embrace what was thought lost’. Over a free jazz drumbeat, samples of traditional sounds from Cameroon and synthesized textures build up, resolved by an unexpectedly precise poetry. It doesn’t align with the drums, but it opens new vistas and possibilities: “Die Unendlichkeit describes the place where all begins and ends where humanity is a thought or sonority away from God, from the light from nothingness.”

Such lofty and elusive ideas can, perhaps, only be grasped by such embodied music as we experience here, best described by Alfred Jarry, symbolist writer and inventor of ’Pataphysics… the science of imaginary solutions” when he wrote ‘God is the tangential point between zero and infinity’

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