Original work by François K


This is an extract. The full piece is 5'37".

Inspired by his lifelong fascination with certain themes of cyberpunk and dystopian sci-fi literature, 'Visions' takes the listener into a maelstrom of subliminal sensations, laying a lush tapestry of textures and enigmatic messages that illustrate his passionate embrace of futurism. He credits some scenes in the movie 'Fifth Element' for having been an inspiration for this complex work of unfolding sonic layers.

In this work, science fiction becomes real, and music warps into some strange, haunting harbinger of what's to come. What starts out like a regular song quickly becomes something else - all the sounds, including the voices are generated by the artist using 'fancy high-flying cutting-edge technologies' that are not yet widely available. Without wanting to be enigmatic, he prefers to leave it to the listener to guess what they are listening to in this track, and what it all means.

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